Can U.S. citizens still travel to CUBA?

Absolutely.  President Trumps Travel bans did not end travel to Cuba, it only ended people to people travel.  We are traveling to Cuba to support the Cuban people and provide Humanitarian support.   We will maintain a full time schedule of humanitarian activities and activities that support the women and children of Cuba. 

Why go with us?  Because we know Cuba. We know the most interesting things to see and do, best places to eat and best places for authentic music. We start out each day with an empowering theme and after a mouthwatering Cuban breakfast, we head out and seize the day. We also have great relationships with local tour guides, and the inside scoop. We know what works best on an island that few people have had access to until recently. Not to mention we do this for a fraction of the price of comparable tours because we’ve been able to leverage our relationships at our destinations.


Fly into Havana José Martí International Airport (HAV) and out of Havana José Martí International Airport (HAV) . We pick you up at the airport and provide transfers in Cuba for free.


To provide you with an "authentic travel adventure" we stay at warm, inviting, clean, comfortable quaint women owned “casa particulars”  (private homes) in one the most enchanting neighborhoods of Havana.

What if I have health or food restrictions?

While we will be accommodating to anyone with health restrictions, on this trip you should be able to walk easily. Havana has narrow streets with steady streams of cars, the easiest way to get around in many instances is to walk.  For daytime excursions it is highly recommended you pack a pair comfortable walking shoes. *Please let us know about food restrictions ahead of time so that we may accommodate you.

What is your refund policy? 

Our tours are non-refundable.    We strongly encourage you to purchase comprehensive travel insurance so that if you have to cancel for any reason you will be able to recover the monies spent on your travel investment.   You may go to to find the insurance that will best meet your needs.  *Please note, most travel insurance covers citizens of the US and Canada only.





Before I say anything about myself, let me first say "Thank you" for your interest.  The fact that you've made it this far on my website tells me there is something about empowerment that resonates with you and, you obviously love travel as much as I do.  This website has evolved over time.  It was originally a travel and tour company (f/k/a "your travel adventure"); however, as much fun as it was to travel with new people, I must confess, it wasn't always fulfilling.  You see, throughout my 25+ year corporate career in travel and entertainment I have always had an unpaid "side hustle" as a mentor, feeding homeless and organizing special events.  It's what I love enough to freely volunteer my time.  I have always found a way to help people who may be a little less fortunate than myself.   I am acutely aware that I'm not on this planet to get as much "stuff" as I can.  I am here to connect with people and experience the fullness of life.  No matter where I've traveled, everywhere from Budapest to the Bahamas; I've been clearly able to see the connection between myself and the women in the countries I've visited. I am a firm believer that "I am my sister's keeper".   In addition to traveling, my tours now enrich the lives of women and families in the countries I visit along with inspiring the people who tour with me.  I incorporate some of the same great exercises I've learned in my many years of studying the master's of self actualization.  I am so proud to say I've got a strong team of "wonder women" that I work with who are as dedicated as I am.  

By the way, my name is Lorraine Barrett.  What's yours? 






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