Thank you for your interest in Empowered Women Travel. The fact that you’ve made it this far on the website tells me you probably love to travel as much as me. There must also be something about our goal to empower women that resonates with you.

This business has evolved over time. It was originally a travel and tour company called Your Travel Adventure.  However, as much fun as it was to travel with new people, I must confess, it wasn’t always fulfilling. You see, throughout my twenty five years experience in corporate travel and entertainment, I have always volunteered as a mentor, organized special events and dedicated some time as a servant to combat social ills.  Helping people in one way or another has always brought me joy. I am acutely aware that I’m not on this planet to get as much stuff as I can.  I am here to connect with people and experience the fullness of life. 

I’ve rebranded and have incorporated my years of studying the art of self-actualization. Now I am doing the two things that I am most passionate about; traveling and uplifting individuals.  My tours now enrich the lives of women in the United States and abroad. I am also proud to say that I work with a strong team of wonder women who are as dedicated as I am. 

No matter where I’ve traveled, from Budapest to the Bahamas, I’ve been clearly able to see the connection between myself and the women native to these countries. I am a firm believer that I am my sister’s keeper. 

By the way, I am the owner of Empowered Women Travel, and my name is Lorraine Barrett. 

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