Empowered Women Travel

Explore Havana, Support Cuban Women & Children

February 2nd to February 8th, 2020




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Not only do women travel, empowered women, empower women.  Our mission is to explore economically depressed countries and support the women and children in these areas through humanitarian donations of school supplies and patronizing local female entrepreneurs.  The goal is to explore, inspire and renew our minds, bodies and spirits.  

Empowered women travel to expand their horizons and world views. Sometimes they do it alone and other times with friends  Travel gifts women the chance to make connections with new people.  These experiences are priceless, often lasting longer than material objects and changing us in ways things cannot. 


A travel group created to give our clientele an interesting and inspiring encounter, plus more. Everywhere we travel you will experience all levels of tourism in a safe and welcoming environment. Instead of gawking at the locals from a tour bus and taking numerous pictures that are sometimes inappropriate, a more intimate setting is provided. Together, our group will dine with the locals over an authentic family style meal that often includes children. This enables you to gain first-hand knowledge of the area and its people. 

This trip is for you if;

  • You are interested in immersing yourself in other cultures 

  • Ready to step out of you're comfort zone   

  • Ready to be inspired and an inspiration to others

  • Willing to be a part of a movement that supports women and strengthens communities

  • Want to step up your Instagram and Facebook game with interesting pictures and stories 




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let's travel Together to havana, cuba

 Adventures are much more empowering when you have people to share it with.


let's go!